Vegetable of the Week: Sweet Potato



The sweet potato, often confused with a yam, is another staple through out the winter months. It’s wide varieties of both skin and flesh color make it an eye catching vegetable to toss in when roasting other root veggies.

It has an amazing number of health benefits; full of iron and magnesium which both help relax and release stress. The orange colour indicates the high carotenoids level which helps with eyesight as well as boosting the immune system. It’s no surprise then that it’s available when we could all do with a health boost.
I thought paired with a quinoa salad it would make a tasty starter.
I’m also partial to a gratin of any sort so this recipe will be making an appearance in our home.
And these turnovers sound so unusual I just can’t say no.

And fun fact:
-Sweet potato is actually only a distant relative to potato.