I’ll be honest, it’s not a vegetable I ever buy or cook myself but do enjoy when I eat it. Growing up in England it featured prominently in UK cuisine but often paired with custard giving it a somewhat school meal quality. The stalks are commonly stewed with sugar to make pies and preserves. The leaves should be avoided at all costs as they contain poisonous substances.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Rhubarb has been used as a laxative for thousands of years.

I’m so partial to chutney, another staple British condiment, so thought this recipe looked great.

This rhubarb and arugula salad looks so fresh and Spring like.

Having dissed the British tradition of rhubarb and custard, I discovered this version and if anyone can do it right, it’s Jamie Oliver. This does look amazing.

FUN FACT: Rhubarb, considered a vegetable around the world, was passed as a fruit in a New York court in 1947 due to it’s frequent use in recipes as a fruit and therefore for regulatory purposes.