Ramps are the perfect vegetable to celebrate this month. They signify the new growth and are usually the first vegetable to make it’s appearance at the farmer’s markets. The excitement surrounding this delicate veggie has heightened in recent years and it’s only around for a few weeks so keen cooks enjoy them while they last.

They’re also known as wild leeks, wood leek and wild garlic. They have deep purple and burgundy tints on the lower stems and broad green leaves which are edible. We love them sliced thinly in a salad or sauteed in an omelet.

I love the sound of this salad recipe with all it’s flavors of Spring. This pickle recipe is the perfect way to preserve ramps and keep them going for a little longer. The garlicky yet sweet flavor of ramps makes them perfect for risotto. This one sounds amazing.

Fun fact: The city of Chicago took it’s name from a dense growth of ramps near Lake Michigan in the 17th Century. The plant called shikaakwa in the language of native tribes was thought to be the nodding wild onion but later research showed it was the ramp.