Pile Sculpture 2


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PILE is an interactive sculpture created as an experience, a collection, and a practice.

Each sculpture is 12″h x 8″w x 1″d, handcrafted from fallen walnut lumber, and comes beautifully packaged in a hand-stenciled box.

In the spring of 2020, as the reality of the global pandemic began thinning out public spaces and hushing the hum of city street traffic, Claudia Pearson began filling her sketchbooks with delicately balanced shapes inspired by cairns. Drawn to the traditional use of stone stacking as guides along a path, her paintings became a daily meditative practice marking both time and space in what had become an unfamiliar world.

These playful and tenuously balanced shapes returned to the 3D when Claudia made a friend, KG MacKinnon, the founder and fabricator of Limen Studio who gifted Claudia with a handcrafted sculptural interpretation of her paintings. Together they were delighted to discover the numerous arrangements from just 3 simple shapes and the unexpected beauty, calm and joy experienced through playful balance. The two developed a limited edition series of 3 unique designs, meticulously crafted from fallen walnut trees sourced from upstate New York. PILE marks this serendipitous moment and is intended to be shared as a reminder that with a little patience, you’ll find the balance you’re looking for.