Inspiration: Ceramics

I’ve recently been craving a hobby, an activity I can play with that takes me away from my studio and computer. So every Thursday I go to my friend’s studio in the neighborhood and a group of us make ceramics.

It’s the perfect alternative to illustration as it’s extremely tactile, requires getting my hands really messy and full of experimentation and therefore mistakes.

There are so many techniques-pinch, slab, coil, slip cast and the wheel. So far I’ve tried pinching and the wheel, the latter of which will takes weeks to master.

I’ve been browsing the internet for inspiration and come across a number of designers and bloggers that collect and make beautiful pottery.


Heather Moore of Skinny La Minx is a South African illustrator who has also been dabbling in ceramics and her work is really fun. (also her pinterest board).



Kaori Tatebayashi is a Japanese artist who makes beautiful minimalistic designs.



l’atelier des garçons, a French studio makes quirky and fun objects.



Atelier Stella creates these handmade playful flower pots.


And last, Irene Hoofs of Bloesem is an avid collector and she frequently writes about ceramicists on her blog.

No doubt I will post some pictures of my creations in a few weeks but in the meantime follow some of my inspiration here.