What a time we had last week and I’m just coming up for air. The NSS 2014 was a huge success with many exciting new ventures to look forward to. We met some amazing designers, retailers and stationery enthusiasts and next week I will highlight some of my favorites.

The booth worked out so well and all the thorough planning that went on in the weeks leading up was so well worth it. I think you’ll agree that the yellow dipped legs make it!


I’m now back in the studio and diving in to a new project which involves sketching lots of lovely vegetables. I can never get tired of this.


sesame 2


And this week we’ve launched our June tea towel subscription on www.teatoweltime.com. Just to remind you, this is a new opportunity to subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months and receive an exclusive new design on my trusty flour sack tea towel. These make fantastic gifts for upcoming summer BBQ’s, weddings and all round festivities. Subscribe by June 6th to receive this popping design.