Weekend events

I had a great weekend crammed full of inspiring moments.
The Children’s Book Fair at the Brooklyn Museum was such a success.
Thanks to all that came out and supported me.
I made some coloring sheets for kids to do and it was wonderful
to watch how engaged and focused they were and it reconfirms that
I must do my coloring books.


And the reason I’m so happy and my table is empty is that I completely sold
out of Tribal Alphabet with still an hour to go. Luckily I brought business cards.


And then yesterday we went to visit the studio of R. Gregory Christie,
an illustrator whose work has always filled me with joy.
He was showing original paintings, prints and selling his children’s book.
He has so many under his belt that it was hard to choose.
Then there was a musical moment of jazz put to the words of some of his books.
It was one of those beautiful Brooklyn moments.


This is one of the books we chose and I’m not a
boxing fan but on reading it last night to my boys
I learned so much about the life of Muhammad Ali.

clay vs liston
john's flames
bunk johnson & ellie