Simon Peplow

After my post last week about The Exquisite Book
I started thinking about all the other illustrators who are
involved and I’ll hopefully get to meet at the grand launch party
in the Fall. I have admired a lot of these artists for some time now
and again am super happy to be in such great company.

One such illustrator is Simon Peplow who’s beautifully simple
illustrations have appeared in many a publication worldwide.
Here is a glimpse of his work.

And I apologize if my blog has felt a little neglected recently.
I assure that there will be some surprises coming up soon –
a fantastic giveaway on April 1 and some wonderful new products
just in time for Earth Day.

Simon Peplow ATSIS

Simon Peplow Carhartt

Simon Peplow Carhartt

Simon Peplow Anorak mailout

Simon Peplow Greenwashing

Simon Peplow Anorak