New Projects

Wow, the past month has been crazy and I can’t believe
it’s been that long since I last wrote here-please forgive me.
And I wish I could share all the amazing news that’s been
transpiring over here in my studio but I will say that I’ve never
drawn as much and felt so happy spending days
creating wonderful projects.

Some of these will be revealed in the next few weeks
and some further down the line but here’s a taste
of what I’ve been doing.

1. Designing a Summer 2012 kitchen range for a major
National retailer.

2. Illustrations for 2 large National magazines hitting the
new stands June and July (I’ll share one of these next week).

3. 10 illustrations of vegetables for a Norwegian soup brand.

4. Developing gift bag concepts with a large cosmetic company.

5. 2 more illustrations for magazines, one of which is a
brand new British food publication.

6. A limited edition screen print on wood for Food and Wine
magazine’s September art issue.

7. Next in the variety poster series for Greenmarkets –
herbs – available in my shop end of June.

8. A Spring 2013 book with my dream publisher.

As you can see the deadlines are plentiful but I promise to pay
my blog a little more attention as I go.
And here are some images that won’t all be published but I’d like to
share none-the-less.




Louisa Shafia is a chef and writer whose passion for seasonal food is shown in her
articles and book called Lucid Food. She asked me to redesign her logo.




I was commissioned by a lovely writer called Francie Latour to create a banner for her newly
launched blog about raising 3 biracial children in a small New England town.