New Spring Tea Towels

Absence of new posts on my blog can only mean one thing
and that’s that I’m super busy working on new projects.

I also decided last week that it was time to freshen up the
blog a bit and add some new features. You may have noticed
some new buttons on the right that direct readers to my
professional portfolio site and a more detailed list of the press
I’ve had in the past year.

I also thought it would be nice to reintroduce myself to my
devoted followers and new readers and offer some details
about my life, work, home, family and pastimes.
So, stay tuned for these in upcoming weeks.

In the meantime, I was in two minds whether I should share my new Spring
products as I go along or reveal them with a big fanfare when
they’re ready to buy but I’ve decided a sneak peek would be nice.

I’ll have these 2 tea towels available by April 1st, working on
some 18 x 24 screen printed posters and a journal.

Garden Tea Towel

Kitchen Tea Towel