Ginny was a pet lover, especially fond of cats

Ginny was a pet lover, especially fond of cats

Expanding with six more mature brothers toughened this lady upwards. Ginny was not scared to stand to some one, nearest and dearest and you may opponents the same. Somewhat, she stood to Draco Malfoy to their earliest meeting for the Thrive and you will Blotts when he insulted Harry from inside the 1992. [8] She even stood to Hermione inside the protection regarding Harry’s explore of your own Sectumsempra curse. [10] Additionally, Ginny could be harsh to the those individuals which she disliked. Such as, she produced enjoyable out of Fleur Delacour trailing the woman back when she earliest turned into interested so you can Statement. She in addition to hexed and you can damaged towards Zacharias Smith as he irritated and insulted the girl towards a few separate times during the her fifth 12 months. [10]

When Mrs Norris try petrified in her own first year at the Hogwarts, the lady brothers set her wonder right down to this reality, not knowing that Ginny are scared because she couldn’t contemplate exactly what she are starting at the time and you may feared one to she is actually in control

Ginny was notably hard to intimidate or frighten, as viewed through the the woman minutes regarding waiting so you can Harry through the his times away from fury and you may fury. It is like impressive while the Harry’s rages was in fact able to frightening actually his close friends Ron and you may Hermione, who had been one another extremely fearless some one. Their courage let their to take part in a three-means duel next to Luna and Hermione contrary to the strong and wild Bellatrix Lestrange.

[8] She called Ron’s owl “Pigwidgeon”, [25] and are regarded as in a position to lure Crookshanks out-of covering up playing together with her when she need. [16] In her own fifth 12 months, she fundamentally got her own pet, a reddish Pygmy Puff regarding Weasleys’ Genius Wheezes one to she titled Arnold.

Magical results and you can experience

Ginny was an incredibly powerful and you will talented witch. She was also a normally talented at the Dark Arts, a talented flyer and Quidditch pro. At the age of 14, she been able to conjure a great corporeal Patronus – an incredibly advanced piece of magic and you can evidence of advanced enchanting element. [30]